Wonderful Cafe


Title: Wonderful Cafe ni Youkoso
Creator: Takagi Shigeyoshi
Length: One-shot
Status: Complete
Genre: ,

A dog shop love comedy! The place where hot men and hot dogs come together!


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thanks! looking forward to reading it~

Happy New Year!

oh my gosh my gosh . . . . 😯 😯
there are another takagi shigeyoshi-sama
i love it so much . . .
thanks alooooottt . . . .

wonderful oneshot <3 awesome job too Aerandria staff *o*
i lovee Takagi Shigeyoshi's works soooo much and this one is no exception ofc! thanks for the release (:

Thank you so much! Happy New Year! ^^

Thank you very much!!!!!

PLEASE! More Takagi Shigeyoshi!!!
I am in love with this author and this story is soooooooooooooo sweet! <3
it has really put a smile on my face and kept me up reading and re-reading even at 3am 😀

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