Title: Wizard
Creator: Takahashi Yuki (はしだ由花里)
Length: 1 Volume
Status: Complete
Genre: , , ,

A collection of love stories! When you meet your special person, what do you do when you find out that he’s evil? After living like a doll for most of your life, is it possible to change? A chance meeting with a boy changes the life of a girl with an illness forever, but that meeting doesn’t seem to matter to the other person. Loving a younger guy can be really tough, especially when you look like a child while he looks like an adult! Each story is heartwarming and sweet.


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Dear Aerandria Staff,

I LOVED Wizard. What a wonderful hidden gem. Thank you so very much for bring it to us. The artwork was so pretty, and the stories really touched me.

OMG ur awesome, thank you so much ^^

This series is really awesome, I really enjoyed it. =] Very well written and translated. Great job!

Thanks so much for these short stories. I can’t wait to read it. These stories sound really sweet if smutless ~sighs~. Ah but you know, I avidly read everything you guys do v^^. You guys are really too good to us!

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i like to know what an editor does…
i’m interested

I have to say I’m curious what this will be about… summary?

You can’t judge a book by its cover. Or a manga for that matter. Some manga have horrible or misleading covers, but then I discover really awesome works inside. Of course, it just so happened that I like what I find, but sometimes that may not be the case.

Why judge/rate something you haven’t given a chance yet?


i mean have you looked at the picture ^?
like, no offense but that’s not really the prettiest thing. 3.31 is just about right

For shame on you people who vote badly for a manga when you only know the title, author, and a picture. There’s not even a summary there yet!
Seriously, 3.31 out of 5? I doubt any of you have read it yet, or have any personal feelings about it other than you didn’t like the genre or the picture. Forgive my language, but what a bunch of freaking idiots. I understand giving it a 5 star rating because you have seen previous work of the author and have a fairly good idea you will enjoy it, or maybe you read the summary and like the plot, but to give it less than that you should have a reason. I am sorry if I seriously offended anyone by these blunt opinions, but it needed saying.

You should appreciate all that the staff goes through to give you such great entertainment and joy. At least wait untill you KNOW you don’t like it before giving such a negative respose.

I’m not sure I will like it yet, but THANK YOU Aerandria for giving me the OPPORTUNITY to enjoy it when it becomes released. Please continue setting aside your own time to put hard effort into all your excellent releases purely for the enjoyment of all, even for those who don’t give it a chance (it’s their loss).

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