Will o’ Wisp


Will o' Wisp
Title: Will o’ Wisp (ウィル・オ・ウィスプ)
Creator: Otomate, Onodera Saiko
Length: 1 Volume
Status: Ongoing
Genre: ,

Hanna inherited her grandfather’s ability to make “elemental dolls,” but he forbade her to do that after she made her first doll, her maid Emily. After he died however, Hanna discovered a strange male “elemental doll” called Will in the basement of her grandfather’s workshop. Who made Will and for what purpose? Why is he calling her “master” and are there others llike him? These are only a few of the mysteries Hanna has to solve.


None as of yet.

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Oh! I’ve been wondering if any scanlators were gonna do this! I can’t get the game, so I wanted to read the manga. Thank you Aerandria!

Yaaaay! I was so happy to see someone picked this up. I was worried that it would be largely ignored but I’m glad someone decided to put it on a to-do list!

*glomps* Y’all are the best! I’ve been curious about this one, and I’m in love with the “Shonen Dolls” story. I wish I knew japanese so I could play the game. ^_^

OMG! Will o’s wisp! Am such a fan of the Otome games, I can’t for this!

AHAHAHAHAHA! Our number 1 fangirl, it seems… XDD

ahahaha… YEY!!!!!

The cover looks interesting.. I wonder what it’s about?


*opens a Google tab*

Hiya, Hime! I was wondering when you’d show up. XDD

Hey Mari-sama!




thank you!!!!!

Ganbatte orimasu, Lacaille-sama! T^T More of Aerandria’s doll fetish, comin’ up! XDD

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