Watashi no Cinderella


Title: Watashi no Cinderella (私のシンデレラ)
Creator: Kawase Natsuna (川瀬夏菜)
Length: 1 volume
Status: Complete
Genre: , , , ,

Princess Tsubaki, who loves romantic stories, is told by her father, the king, to choose a guy to date at her 16th birthday party at all costs. Troubled by this, princess Tsubaki asked a favor of Aoi, a boy who’s treated like a Cinderella…?!


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Thanks for this series.

Love the story its cute, and totally fun

This looks really cute! Thanks for all your hard work!

8) Thanks for all the hard work. I love your site. You all do a great job here. Thanks again!!!!

thanks so much for this one volume release!! It seems really interesting !! thanks so much for your hard work!!

wow! thank you!! love you guys <3
such a cute manga ^^

uhm… seems interesting. I will try it!
thank you so much <3

Thanks a lot guys

You are working really hard on the series, and I really appreciated it.

Keep it up. hugs and kisses for all of you.

looks like really cute!! 😉 thank you! i’m sure i’ll enjoy it! <3333~

It looks really good!! 😀

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