Watashi no Cinderella


Title: Watashi no Cinderella (私のシンデレラ)
Creator: Kawase Natsuna (川瀬夏菜)
Length: 1 volume
Status: Complete
Genre: , , , ,

Princess Tsubaki, who loves romantic stories, is told by her father, the king, to choose a guy to date at her 16th birthday party at all costs. Troubled by this, princess Tsubaki asked a favor of Aoi, a boy who’s treated like a Cinderella…?!


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I know…I agree that it was typical. It was a good light read.

huh, a little typical but it was sweet

love it… in fact love all your projects…thank you very much

The 3rd story was rather adorable. Despite Miri being such a brat, Ueno was still so sweet and gentle!

love this especially the last chapter
thanks for the release 😀

Thank you so much for this release! Yey!!!

Cute stories~ >w< Thanks for doing the project!

Haha, I really love the first story! A nice twist to the cinderella story!

Thanks so much for the new release =)

Awwww…….that was so adorable!
Thanks for the releases! ^^

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