Uroboros’ Circle


Uroboros’ Circle
Title: Uroboros’s Circle (ウロボロスの輪)
Creator: Yozaburo Kanari (金成 陽三郎), Yamamoto Keiko (山本景子)
Length: 2 volumes
Status: Complete
Genre: , , , , ,

“The moment you open the letter, you will be cursed. After reading the letter, you have to make two copies and send it to a close friend within 24 hours.”

Everyone knows what it’s like to pass notes in class. People carelessly write about things like love or gossip. One day, everything suddenly turns out evil…

Joint project with Serenus Dreamers starting from volume 1 chapter 4.


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Comments (46)

Thank you Aerendria for this title. I just finished downloading and I can’t wait to read it.

Really good. I recommend :)

it’s very very scary to me, but also it’s a romance too. ilike it. many thanks =D

eek – it reminds me of the ring! scary but a good read!

this manga reminded me of the grudge and why i don’t like sacry movie in the first place. many thanks for this series!!

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