Ugetsu Monogatari


Title: Ugetsu Monogatari (雨月į‰ŠčĒž)
Creator: Ueda Akinari, Hiwa Tokiko
Length: 1 Volume
Status: Complete
Genre: , , , , ,

“Tales of Moonlight and Rain” is a collection of classical Japanese horror/suspense stories. The stories are simple, but abundant with traditional fictional Japanese characters, such as the half-man half-bird Tengu, white serpents, fantastic carps, goblins and restless ghosts, driven by love or hatred.


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Thank you very much!


I’m looking forward to read this beautiful manga, thank you very much for all your work on it and sharing!!

Thank you!!! 😀

Thanks ladies!

I’ll look forward to reading this!

Hi there!
I’d like to apply as an editor for this manga.
I use Photoshop and I already did a few chapter of Teen Spirit and Deep Love Real under Eclipse scans (with the name of eclectic flower).
Hope to hearing from you soon 😉

Hi, Eclectic Hana! We just emailed your the editor test! Goodluck!

OMG! I’ll be waiting for it! thanks aerandria!

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