Koi Tsukiyo no Himegoto


Koi Tsukiyo no Himegoto
Title: Koi Tsukiyo no Himegoto (恋月夜のひめごと)
Creator Taamo (タアモ)
Length: 1 volume
Status: Complete
Genre: , , ,

At that time, it was a crime for young girls to love…Set in the Taisho era, this is a story about the forbidden love between a young girl and a student.

Tamaki is the only daughter of a wealthy family, but she’s been lonely since she was small, because her parents do not care about her at all. One day, Kuroda Kageaki came to her house as a student. Gradually, Tamaki started to harbor a love for him. And yet her mother, Satoko, caused harm to Kageaki…?! Hidden there is a dreadful past! This is a sad and painful love story set in the Taisho era.


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yea….i have this manga..love it

love this manga..thanks ya!!

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Thank you very much!! :3

ARIGATO!!! I luv you so~~~ much! You’re prjects are FANTASTIC!! >.<

wooot another an entire volume <3 thanks a lot and happpy birtday, sowwie if iits late ^T^

I love you lot ^0^
thank you for this pretty manga ;D

jeej i can finaly open it!!!

:smile: Thank you! I’m a fan of the author’s art style..I hope you do more (Please, Teacher)..comes to mind…

wow,, thank you,,
you’re one of my fav team,,

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