Tsukiyo Garasu Zoushi


Tsukiyo Garasu Zoushi
Title: Tsukiyo Garasu Zoushi (月夜烏草紙)
Creator: Oyokawa Nao
Length: 6 volumes
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

The era is Meiji, more that 30 years after the end of the shogunate. Idzuru is a lively girl who has two beautiful demons for “friends” – Shikou and Wakaba. They feed on the life forces of people whose hearts are stained with darkness. But the friendship that Idzuru feels for them somehow binds them together. Together with the two demons, she witnesses the various shapes “darkness” can take in the hearts of people.


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I hope this one is still on your to-do list, because I am QUITE interested in it! I wish I could help, but health limits me, so all I can do is send my appreciation for your choices & thanks for all your hard work in general.

Also, please take care of yourselves first, even if that means delaying a few things! Better to delay than go MIA!

I swear… She’s stalking us, Asa! STALKING US! :O


Are you scared, Lacaille? XD

Quite… possibly…

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Hi Hime! XD

OMG! This looks interesting! can’t wait!

Hi asahina!

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