Tsuki no Waltz


Title: Tsuki no Waltz (月のワルツ)
Creator: Mitsuki Kako
Length: One-shot
Status: Complete
Genre: ,

Asakura Nariko is the daughter of a wealthy family in the Showa era. As the successor of the family, she is very strictly educated to become a proper lady, and her teacher is Sawa Keiichirou, the son of her family’s butler. To Nariko, Keiichirou is like a brother, or maybe even more than that, but it is her duty to marry the leader of another prominent family someday…


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tsuki no waltz?

i clicked it because there is a song with pretty anime style video with the same title. it turn out to be different

Thakn you for this! The story was so beautiful and even though it was sad — it wasn’t depressing. I really liked the ending.

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