Tonari no Danshi


Tonari no Danshi
Title: Tonari no Danshi
Creator: Yokoyama Mayumi
Length: One-shot
Status: Complete
Genre: ,

Satoshi and Satomi are childhood friends who have been trying to outdo each other in everything since they were small. Christmas is coming, and they’ve started a new challenge to see who can get a date for Christmas first! It seems that Satoshi might win the bet, with Natsuki-chan, the Sexy Dynamite of the class making the move and asking him to be her date, but will things be that simple for our plain-looking boy?


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that was so funny and very cute thanks for the hard work =)

Funny and so cute!
thanks a lot!

Ahh much thanks for this one shot! I love Yokoyama’s works. Thanks Aerandria. :)

Enbou is cool <3. And the part where Satoshi just pulled down his pants was HILARIOUS. 😀

aww! its soo sweet! it kinda reminds me of something…. well, THANK YOU FOR THIS! 😉

very very pretty! thank you for the hard work!

Ohw, sweet one~ The art is pretty good too, thanks for the hard work! :3

Thank you for this one-shot ^^ It’s so sweet and funny, perfect for Christmas :)

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