The Baddest


The Baddest manga
Title: The Baddest
Creator: Nakamura Usagi and Touda Hiroko
Length: 3 volumes
Status: Complete
Genre: , , ,

Gokuto only likes three things. Sake, money and anything that involves money, especially if it means making lots of money for himself. So when he hears that a lord is offering a reward to rescue an abducted princess, he doesn’t hesitate to go out and rescue her, all for the sake of money, of course. Thus begins an adventure of monkey-turning genies, sexy magicians, evil villains, swordfights, a handsome prince and a headstrong princess (what adventure would be complete without those? ^^).


Volume 01 Chapter 001 – Translation Pending

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OMG!!!!!!!! please dont drop this awesome manga XD
i have been searching this manga for 8 years TT~TT

Sounds cool, and really awesome art as well!! =D

OA,new stories! CAnt’ wait! ^^ thank you!

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