Tenshi no Hane to Akuma no Shippo


Tenshi no Hane to Akuma no Shippo
Title: Tenshi no Hane to Akuma no Shippo (てんしのはねとアクマのシッポ)
Creator: Kiriga Yuki (霧賀 ユキ)
Length: 2 volumes
Status: Complete
Genre: , , , ,

Haruka, a devil who entered a school for Angels, made a contract with a strange angel Haniel, and became a knight of the school. On a mission to stop the prophecy of a “great catastrophe,” he cannot leave the school and instead has to cooperate with others, like Lilith, an angel with red wings to figure out just what is in store for them.


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I really, really love this website! All your scanned and translated mangas are really COOL and CUTE!!

Long live AERANDRIA!!

LOOOOOOVE this manga!!! thanx 4 translating and posting it u guys!!! u’r the best!!!!

I really like your website! And the most mangas that you work on are the ones tht I really love…I mean that it is my style! Keep up the good work!

Downloading this…addicted to cute stuff…love the fact that i can leave a comment and download without being a member and oh god! without requirements of post counts as in many other sites…thanks so much for all your hard work…maybe it sounds cliche and corny ‘but yeah your manga projects just made my day’ (sudden chills and goosebumps)….Keep up d good work…LOVE u guys…and sorry for blabbering

This was a very cute manga! 😀
I’m sad it’s only two volumes long! I hate when people
make cute stories short xP.
Oh well thank you for translating :)!

gaahh…i read this. and i loved it.

so much that one question popped up at the end of reading it.

that question being:
is there more?

so if anyone knows, is there a sequel?
because not only was it interesting, i liked the drawing style.
so i’m going to keep my eyes open for the mangaka and all that,
but i thought of checking here before looking on my own.

so if anyone knows, it’d be great to hear from you. :mrgreen:


I love the story! I’m thankful I got to read this!

I like the wings!

not in a weird way though +_+

thank you for translating this manga, soo cute

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