Tenjou no Kajitsu


Tenjou no Kajitsu manga
Title: Tenjou no Kajitsu (天上の果実)
Creator: Awa Michi (亞和ミチ)
Length: 1 volume
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

Tomita Yuri has hated boys since she was little, seeing them as the devils who taunt and tease her. So when her all-girl school Kinka academy decides to merge with the Ginka academy for boys, her ‘heaven’ is once again threatened by the devils from hell = men. Not only that, but being a member of the student council, she now has to work alongside the male student council of Ginka academy. Will Yuri’s ‘heaven’ be overrun by the male devils from hell?


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Thank you! Also, it seems like chapter 1 and 2 are not downloadable :(

Much gratitude guys! I so love this manga. I praise your hard work, dedication and passion! Keep it up! Thank you for this site as well; you give us manga fans a chance to enjoy our faves and download them for future reads.

Salamat! Thanks, Grathias, Arigatou!

loved it! thanks for it.

nice series……good quality scans…

thank you for all the hard work! It was adorable. I enjoyed all of it.

I loved this series as much as I love all your projects, thank you!!!

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