Taiyou ga Yonde Iru!


Taiyou ga Yonde Iru!
Title: Taiyou ga Yonde Iru! (太陽が呼んでいる!)
Creator: Shibano Yuka (しばの 結花)
Length: 1 Volume
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

That summer when I placed a bet on high-school baseball…
Rino hates baseball!! And yet, one day, she becomes the manager of the baseball club?! At first, she hated it, but Hibiya, the pitcher who dragged her into all this, said that he’ll take her to Koshien*…?!

Koshien: location of Koshien Stadium, where the Japan National High School Baseball Tournament is held.

Joint with Midnight Scans.


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tnxtnx!!!!!love reading your releases!!!

cuuuuute!!! all of them were so good… esp. the first one. Her art is AMAZING. Thanks for the releases!!!

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