Suits no Kuni


Title: Suits no Kuni
Creator: Ichinose Kaoru
Length: 1 Chapter
Status: One-shot
Genre: , ,

Miyaji Rintaro is a normal salary man who visits the foreign country of Gladimar to seal a business contract to export a rare plant called Kapalu. Even with the contract signed and sealed, everything isn’t as it seems as Rintaro finds a beautiful chained girl who suddenly attacks him. Is there something more to this country and the Kapalu plant than meets the eye?


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After reading this manga, did anyone else go check Twitter to see if his account existed? LOL I did. It had the exact same tweets too. Thank you for the release!

LOL it was kinda funny to see Apple products everywhere, haha
but still, it was a nice oneshot! enjoyed it~ as usual, ichinose kaoru-sensei’s artwork is very beautiful!

thank you for the release! tho i gotta say the entire manga is more like an extended apple ad…

Thank you for the release!

thank you very much .. I appreciate you hard works

I’m waiting for your releases :)

Thanks a lot! Looks fun!

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