Sokubaku Master


Sokubaku Master
Title: Sokubaku Master
Creator: Izumi Asuka
Length: One-shot
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

Chihiro, who comes from a long line of magicians, had just been enrolled in a magic academy to be under the tutelage of the president of the student council, Takabane. Takabane is one of the greatest magic users in the academy but what will he do when he finds out Chihiro’s secret: that she doesn’t know a single thing on how to perform magic! But then Takabane has secrets about his feelings about magic, too…


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Comments (18)

ahh…i wish there are more..
but if the continuation doesnt fulfill my wish then i wish there aren’t more
luuvv u aerandria

Thanks!! It’s so cutee…!!
I really liked it! ;D

thanks so much for this oneshot!!

Thank you for this! its cute! :) just right for a breaktime.

*gobbles up Izumi Asuka*

^^V Seems cute. Thanks, it’s exactly what I need after finishing work..

This looks awesome, imnna read it, i think this will cheer me up.. Thanks a lot Aerandria

I’m not really into magic but I thought it would be nice to read once in a while.
Thanks again for his one shot manga. ^^

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