Shuukatsu!! – Kimi ni Naitei


Title: Shuukatsu!! – Kimi ni Naitei (シューカツ!! ~キミに内定~)
Creator: Yoshino Aki (吉野阿貴)
Length: 2 Volumes
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

Life isn’t sweet. Asaoka Yuuri, a senior in university, has failed for the 49th time in job hunting. During an exam at the 50th company, which should be a commemoration for her, she came to know Manabe Ryouji, a famous guy at her university. The first impression was horrible. But what will happen to Yuuri, who started to be attracted to Manabe, who looks cool and can do everything to the point that it’s annoying?!


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Hi thanks for translating this manga! I just wanted to let the staff know that the links for ch 2 – ch 6 are dead.

I enjoyed this series a lot. It was light-hearted and such fun to read. Thank you!

Hey! Thank you for this manga! It’s great! You have many good completed stories. Good work! ^^ <3

one of my favorite mangas…
thank you so much for making possible for me to read it!!

I love the manga that Yoshino Aki draws.

Thank you so much ^^

I just finished reading this manga! It’s a very great manga! I love it!
Thank you so much Aerandria!

Kono manga wa suteki desu wa! XD 😀 Thanks Aerandria for scanlating this!! Yoshino Aki ♥. :’D

i love this manga…
thank you so much Aerandria!!!

this is soooo awesome!! simple and lighthearted!! i like the main characters so much! thank you Aerandria for picking this up!! you’re scans are awesome guys! p.s. you are my favorite scanlations team! XD

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