Shukuren ~ Gin no Mori no Oni


Shukuren ~ Gin no Mori no Oni
Title: Shukuren ~ Gin no Mori no Oni (しゅくれん~銀の森の鬼)
Creator: Shirai Sachiko (白井幸子)
Length: 1 volume
Status: Ongoing
Genre: , ,

Legend has it that when the heart of a demon dies, his body changes into silver… When a woman, betrayed by her lover, and a demon who does not trust humans meet, the wheel of life and death begins to turn for their fatal love..!


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  • Volume 02 – Not yet released.

Note: Only Volume 1 have been released in Japan so far. This series is considered tentatively Complete. What does that mean?

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I love this series! It makes me sad though that its unresolved :/

this is this is really something
so refreshing. I love the main male lead. so in love with him XDDD

hi!!! guys thank u for scanlating this series!!!1 i’ll be cheering on you!!! i fell in love with the story and hope for another chapter!!!!!! mabuhay!!!!

p.s hope its not tragedy :((

You know, i must thank you guys for introducing me to this manga! I LOVE IT! Please do keep updating it like you are now for I…like many others, have fallen in love with it. 😀

AAACK! sorry! my mistake! the chapies are ok ^^;

Hey girls, I think ch 01 and ch 02 are both ch 02, maybe you could re-upload ch 01 correctly? thanks!

Yeah, the chapter numbering caused us some confusion, too… we thought we had lost a chapter, but all was well. =)

THAAAAANKS!!!!! you’ve really made my day! (that was being crappy, mind you T_T) so, again, thanks a bunch for the release, and I sincerely hope that the second volume is realesed in Japan.

Wow, this manga is really good and I thought from the cover that the art would be kind of meh but its actually stunningly pretty. Thank you for releasing such a great manga Aerandria. Can’t wait for the next volume. Great job!

it’s so good, i feel bad for the demon :/

One word…EPIC
thanks for the release.

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