Shounen Dolls


Title: Shounen Dolls (少年ドールズ)
Creator: Hibiki Wataru (響ワタル)
Length: 4 Volumes
Status: Complete
Genre: , , ,

Etou Ageha is the successor of a family that have been doll makers for generations. Everyone in her family has a special ability – to be able to hear the voices of dolls. With the two guardian dolls, Leo and Yuki, Ageha should be able to become the true leader of the family, but due to some complications, Yuki was lost a long time ago. And thus, our heroine is on a quest to find the lost doll, while accompanied by the other guardian doll, Leo…


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Thank you for your hard work! Unfortunately, Leo’s personality was too annoying for me to read through to the end.

Kyaaaa <3 Aerandria's project are all good!!! i love aerandria :3 wish i could donate or help though. unfortunately i can't TT^TT
anyway, good work!! 😀

Such a pretty dragon … why was he not loved????

thank you for another wonderful series, Aerandria.


OMG The oneshot at the end was sooooooo awesome 8D Thank you so much for your hard work in bringing us these awesome manga ^_^ *happydance* I love oneshots and this one can keep me going for an entire week 8D Which I can really use right now since I have to finish a report and a thesis and hold a presentation T.T

Thank you for finishing this story. But is Sumire was killed, how can she have a descendant ?

Thanks very much for your hard work. It’s a pretty nice story.

Congratulations on another wonderfully done series. It’s been a pleasure reading this. Thanks for all the hard work <3

Thank you for picking up and finishing this series! I enjoyed it! =)

Thanks for the new chapter!!! But it is very sad that I can` t download it! Hope that maybe tomorrow there will be a chance for me to read it!!! Bye and thanks for the hard work!(Bows)

Oh my! Maybe you could clear your browser cache, andreea? The other visitors seem to see the download link already…

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