Shoujo no Melancholy


Shoujo no Melancholy
Title: Shoujo no Melancholy (少女のメランコリー)
Creator: Taamo (タアモ)
Length: 1 Volume
Status: Complete

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“I want to become her friend.”
“I want to see that person again.”
“I don’t want to grow up yet.”
“If it was me, I wouldn’t make her cry.”
Our every day is full of pure and sparkling feelings..


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i love Taamo story and character all of them are so cute =D
thanks for the releases ^.^

Thank you! But the zip for the 3rd chapter seems to be faulty – I can’t open it once it downloads…

It works now. :)

Ahh! I have this one but in Bahasa Melayu (Malay language). I’ll still read when it’s released also :)

So pretty @^@
Plus it’s by Taamo

yeppie! i been wanting to read this for a while that’s good to hear that it’s on your future project!^^ yeppie can’t wait!! thank you very much-o!! :]

kawaii desu~

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