Shiro no Keiyaku


Title: Shiro no Keiyaku (白の契約)
English Title: Shiro’s Contract
Creator: Tsukuba Sakura
Length: One-shot
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

Shiro is a white crow. Because of his unusual color, he’s often bullied by the other black crows. One day, he’s hurt badly because the others ganged up on him, and he was saved by a girl. Moved by the girl’s gentle heart, Shiro asked a devil to let him turn into a human. However, there’s one condition: Shiro will have to do at least one bad deed a day, otherwise, his body will crumble. Can Shiro really fulfill this contract?


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I love this the best out of tsukuba sakura’s works. But, is this oneshot published as an extra with a manga? Or by itself?

haha! when i read the summary… i read “shiro is a white COW” !!! haha! i was like… he was a cow? andyways. great manga! thanks!

Oh my gosh, I thought the same thing! 😀

zomg! I thought the same as you two!! XD :B 😀

me too!!!! :DDDDD

I really liked this manga. It was so cute and adorable!! Thanks so much for scanlating it!

Normally I’m creeped out by the “I’m an animal that LURVES you” story lines, but this one is quite cute and manages not to squick me out at all.

Yay Tsukuba!

I’m glad you guys seem to like her too~

i love all tsukubas work specially that manga with a ‘penguin’ title. ^^ thanks for the release! it was blissful!

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