Santa Claus Panic


Santa Claus Panic
Title: Santa Claus Panic
Creator: Shiiba Nana
Length: One-Shot
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

It’s the season of Christmas and companies are advertising their services more determinedly during these times. Yayuka accidentally picked up a flyer saying a Santa will give her a wonderful gift on Christmas if she calls that number. Not wanting to be alone of Christmas, she calls the number and prepares a Christmas feast for Santa but when the doorbell rang, there stood a very young and handsome Santa who happens to be a debonair host!


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Comments (29)

I love Shiiba Nana’s work you know, so I was happy to find out you edited one of her works. Really thank you so much. -smiles-

Thank you for scanalating! This seems interesting so going to give it a try ^^

i really love shiiba nana’s work:)

this was sOoo… cute. “virgin aura” <—this was funny. ^_^v
your works are great. thanks for this!

it was really cute… i am a Shiiba Nana fan… >.<

Nah wasn’t for me… Didn’t really like it, although there are funny moments. :) It was ok.

I’m really loving Shiiba Nana-sensei’s works. Lol.

Anyways, this was a great story. Too bad it was just a oneshot. Thanks for releasing it~

Really cute and funny. It really made my day.

it was great i had read it and i liked it, it was fun and cut thanks you are wonderfull ^^

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