Sakaime no Sumika


Title: Sakaime no Sumika (さかいめの住処)
Creator: Matsu Shigura (松志ぐら)
Length: 1 Volume
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

The young and eccentric writer Amasawa Yamabuki is the newest resident of a secluded mountain where only ghosts dwelt before he came. He is set on renewing the ritual of “dedicating the mountain” which his ancestors abandoned and on exploring the area. For this, he requests the help of the greatest ruffian in the whole mountain, Kaname, who also happens to be the guardian spirit of the sacred sword that the Amasawa family had been enshrining and honoring for centuries…


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  • Chapter 1 – Being Edited
  • Chapter 2 – Being PRed
  • Chapter 3 – Being PRed
  • Extra – Being PRed

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Hello Hello. I would love to become an editor for you guys because I am a huge MANGA FREAK !!!!!!!!!!! If you need any help I’m here willing to help.

Hello. I am fluent in English. I was born and raised in North America. In English class, at school, we have to edit our peers stories and essays. I hope that’s ok for experience. I am willing to learn and be trained.

I get very high Mushishi feels from this, and I absolutely love the anime series of both seasons. I would love to help out, and I do have cleaning experience (I am currently working as a volume cleaner and redrawer at Sense Scans) but I have never typesetted before and it seems like it will be mandatory for the editor position.
Though I wasn’t confident in applying as I lack the skills for TS, I wanted to let you know that I would like to help you out with this project if its possible :)

It would be lovely if you consider me, and I am willing to take on tests that are required for me to do!

Thank you for your time!


I would like to help please!!!!
But I don’t have any experience but willing to learn!!!

I’ve been interested in helping edit manga for a while now and I figured why not start now. I am competent at photoshop, illustrator and the like however I am inexperienced so it would likely take me some time to adjust. I have plenty of free time and if possible would like to stay until a project is finished. If you need help with any other projects I would be happy to help.
I hope to hear from you.

Hey! Love hear I’ll like to edi , I’m really good at english ,
please. concider me.

Hello, friends at Aerandria! I would love to edit for you. I can translate a little, but not well enough to be considered fluent. I have done a lot of editing work, though none online. I am half-way through with my AA in English. I would probably be farther if my local college wasn’t so blasted crowded… I have never received a mark lower than an A- in any English class. I would be honored to be chosen to help you lovelies edit the wonderful manga you scanlate for your site.

Hi, I love reading manga, and I hate waiting for the English translation… So I would like to help out in editing.. :) I have free time, a love for manga, good typing speed and a little experience in editing… So let me know if i can help 😀

Um, hello! I was wondering if I could apply for the editor position? I’m fairly experienced with Photoshop and the like, and it would be wonderful if you would even consider me!

Hello! I’d like to help for the editor position, I’m willing to learn and I’m also a fast learner! I’m also good at English!

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