Sabaki no Mon


Title: Sabaki no Mon
Creator: Tsukuba Sakura
Length: One-shot
Status: Complete
Genre: , , ,

Lance is a devil punished to guard the gates of Heaven and Hell and to lie to souls to get them into Hell. He can never tell the truth because to do so would mean he will disappear. He has to send one more soul to Hell before he can finally be free from his punishment. For a devil, lying is easy, right? But what happens when the soul of the person he cherishes walks up to the Gates for judgement?


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This was so cute! Thank you so much for sharing!

looks super cute >_< thanks for the one shot!!

thank you for the chapter!

Thanks for the scanlation!

Thanks. I adore this author…..I love her….I’d like to read more of her works….<3

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