Ryuujin-sama to Oyome-sama


Title: Ryuujin-sama to Oyome-sama
Creator: Tomu Ohmi
Length: 1 Chapter
Status: One-shot
Genre: , , , , ,

One day, Kawamoto Mizuho encountered a dragon god who chose her as his bride by paying her father a large sum of money. Although unsure of how to emotionally connect with the dragon god, Mizuho consents to the proposal. Can Mizuho learn to love the dragon god, and does he truly love her or does he only want to use her?


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Comments (68)

I loved the spoof. It was like an hommage to all those sometimes dull but still loveable shoujo manga story lines. Thanks for that ^-^

loved the spoof! <3

Thanks! I’m going to check this out!

oh my!!!!!!this one was so good i havnt been to this site in a while an i was shocked to see a new work for Tomu Ohmi sensei.Gaaaaaaawd this one is as lovely as the other ones….story was so good an sentimental it made my eays tear up……thanks a mil Aerandria

thank you so much for this release!

thank you for the realease.
the spoof was really funny.
thanks a lot! ^-^

The real version was hilarious. But I do have to say, the botch version was hilarious as hell. When I seen the little servants, I kept thinking of Jakken from Inuyasha, with their snotty attitudes.

The spoof was funny, but then I was like, “But what are they really saying~~~?!!” XD

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