Ruby Blood


Ruby Blood
Title: Ruby Blood (ルビー・ブラッド)
Creator: Kakinouchi Narumi
Length: 1 Volume
Status: Complete
Genre: ,

Meet little Lulu – a vampire girl in whose right eye flashes crimson sparks, and the giant Gau.

There are three places in the human world that made them who they are now – “the school,” “the church” and “the hospital.” What happened to Lulu when she was still human and how did she become what she is now?


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the art sort of reminds of of vampire princess miyu too! i think it’s the big round eyes… very sweet haha. thanks for the release!

the summary kinda reminds me of vampire miyu but i dont no how it reminds me of vampire miyu.

vampire vampire vampire xD too bad, here’s no romance lol can’t wait!

I love vampires! I want to see this one *O*

More vamps :3 Angi33 is happy.

Yay! Another Kakinouchi Narumi manga been picked up (for scanlation). *dances happy dance*

Ah, the girl on the cover is so beautiful..! ~ =^^= 😀

This looks very interesting! Will be looking forward to it 😉

This manga is also listed as being authored by Kakinouchi Narumi according to manga updates.

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