Rouge Noir


Rouge Noir
Title: Rouge Noir (ルージュ・ノワール)
Creator: Mizutani Kyoko (水谷京子)
Length: 2 volumes
Status: Complete
Genre: , , ,

Tezuka Ayane was aiming to become a pianist. She was also working as a part-time home-tutor when she met Narumiya Kou. She found herself falling for him, but there was a difference in their ages and her feelings didn’t seem to be returned. Six years have passed since then and Ayane is a music teacher in an all-girls school. One day, she goes to a jazz-piano audition and meets there Kou..!

Joint project with Midnight Scans for Chapters 1-2 only.


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chapter 5 is not working.. tnx for the hard work btw XD

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