Romanticist Egoist


Romanticist Egoist
Title: Romanticist Egoist (ロマンチスト エゴイスト)
Creator: Namino
Length: One-shot
Status: Complete
Genre: ,

One day, Riku finds a mysterious message on her table from a boy with the initials Y. N., stating that he likes her. Riku’s hoping Y. N. is the star of the school, Nakao Yoshiki-kun, but could he be interested in a girl like her? She wants to ask Nakao-kun if he was really the one who wrote the message, but there’s this guy who keeps trying to get in her way…


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AWWWWHHH dat wasss soo cute
LOVE the part where they didnt know his name
ahahah xD
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

This was really sweet and funny! Especially when they all didn’t know his name! xD

that’s good.. i like the ‘egoistilism’ manga like gakuen alice n thiz manga… 😉
is there any manga like diz genre..? :roll:

hahaha…that was funny!!!…his friends didn’t know his name…hahaha

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