Oyome ni Ikenai!


Title: Oyome ni Ikenai! (お嫁にいけない!)
English Title: I can’t be a bride!
Creator: Fujiwara Kiyo (藤原規代)
Length: 5 volumes
Status: Complete
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She dreams what any normal woman dreams: Find a good man and get married. There’s only one hitch. She has absolutely zero talent in being a housewife! Determined to overcome this problem, she enrolls in classes to learn. The only problem is her teacher turns out to be a man and a younger one at that!


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Where’s chapter 6? :(

Aww, More Chapters :P plz and thanks, appreciate the work

Good day! i am interested in helping out with the cleaning & typesetting. You can mail me anytime. I hope that i can do much help to you guys. ♥

I had looked forward to new chapter, so Thanks :D

Thanks for doing this chap :>

I’ve been interested in helping edit manga for a while now and I figured why not start now. I am competent at photoshop and illustrator as well as with pen tablets and photo editing software. I have plenty of free time and if possible would like to stay until a project is finished. Also, if you need help with any other projects I would be happy to help.
I hope to hear from you.

Hi, i am new to this but i would be interested in maybe being an editor. I have knowledge when it is about using different program such as Photoshop (in fact i have Adobe CS5) so i do believe i could give a hand with some of the cleaning. If possible, in case my offer is interesting to you guys, i would like to have at first only a chapter or a small task. This way, i can get to try it, and if i feel confortable doing such thing, i would do more with pleasure and if i dont well i wont slow down the project and a little bit of work will still be done. Thanks! ^^

How do I sign up to help translat?

thanks for translation, I love this series :D
so PLS Continue !♥

More chapters please! Where’s Chapter 5? The suspense is killing me :x

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