Otogibanashi no Fude


Otogibanashi no Fude
Title: Otogibanashi no Fude (おとぎばなしの筆)
English Title: The Brush of a Fairy Tale
Creator: Akizuki Sorata
Length: One-shot
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

At a far away village, there’s a sacred tree where the Water God dwells. It’s Sasara Yuukei’s task to trace the fading letters of the contract between the Water God and the people of the village. One day, while carrying out his task, he suddenly met the Water God herself! And gradually, he found out that what he’s been doing every day is actually…


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Taking this, thanks~

awww I love that story ^^ really touching one ! and yeah I love this mangaka stories, it is always nice to read them XDD

Such a huge fan of the author! thank you very much! :smile:

FANkIES so much for uploading!!
I have a question tho..Is it only supposed to be just one chapter ❓ I’m a little confused.. >__<
LOL! oh yea, question 2: what other manga does this mangaka have? =D

i’m getting to be a big fan of this author. thanks =D

im gonna love this hehe <3 thanks so much for the awesome release <3

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