Non-chan to Watashi


Non-chan to Watashi
Title: Non-chan to Watashi
Creator: Yoshino Aki
Length: One-shot
Status: Complete
Genre: , , ,

Risa and Takumi are childhood friends, but due to a fight in the past, they stopped talking to each other. Now university students, Takumi is a famous playboy who goes out with a different girl every day, and Risa still regrets not having been able to apologize for what she did six years ago…


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D’aawww… That last panel was just too darn adorable!

cute story! thanks for your hard work!

Thank you for scanalating <333

thank you to you
i really loved this mangaka
the art was great and the story was sweet esp. at the ending

I love this one so much. Thank you so much for scanlating.

Thank you! I love it XD

i really like the story.. it’s so great……..!!!

Awwwwwww! It’s so sweeeeeeeet!
Love this one-shot!!!! So cute!!!
Love the art-work too! Non-chan is so handsome… 😉
Thank you for your hard work!

Ah, the ending is so adorable. <3 Thank you!

Thank you for scanlating this one shot. Too terribly wonderful ^^

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