NG x Baby


NG x Baby
Title: NG x Baby
Creator: Tachibana Yutaka
Length: One-shot
Status: Complete
Genre: ,

Takatou Mitsuki luckily passed the exam for Honmaru, an elite high school, and now she finds herself struggling to catch up with all the smart students here. To make matters worse, Mitsuki was chosen as her class’ representative in the Survival game at school. Amidst the chaos, she finds out that Honmaru has a system where scholarship students are expected to take care of students with poor academic ability like her. And thus, Mitsuki is stuck with this handsome guy called Aoi Kousuke, who’s only helping her because of the money he gets from the school. But somehow, Mitsuki has the feeling she has seen Aoi somewhere before…


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Comments (29)

Thanks for the release. It is so funny.

So good, so cute. It’s really my favorite.

More of Tachibana sensei’s manga please >.<

Thanks for translated this manga!!

It’s so lovely

I really love the Tachibana sensei’s work ^^

Hahah that was enjoyable 😆 The concept was well… out there but I do so like a girl that can kick butt.

aww~ this was a really cute one-shot!! I luved it!!

Thank you for this release. It is quiet good and I like the story.. thank you for the translation as well.

I hope to see more of this :)

I love Yutaka tachiba’s work when I read Gatcha gacha ( love me or not)
thank you!

Thx a lot for the release 😉
I like it 😳 😳 😳

thanks for translating this. I really LOVE it! It’s a very cute story. I love the Tachibana sensei’s work. This one makes my heart beats faster actually. I really wish it’s longer

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