Natsu no Zangai


Title: Natsu no Zangai
Creator: Yoshimi Touda
Length: 1 Chapter
Status: One-shot
Genre: , , , ,

There are some things that I can’t understand since I’m a child. So, I’m going to try my best to find someone who can show me how to become an adult.


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hahah I love your comment marcella XD

Thanks for the release XD


Arigato~~~ Don’t know what it’s about do I’m gonna go and read it! Ja~ =3

Thanks for this story~
It’s a good one. ^.~

Thanks for the release!!! ^^

thanks so much for this oneshot!!

This manga was better than I expected. Thank you for this one-shot (>_^)/

i cant belive you always choose the best projects thnx for releasing it was really cute (^_^)

Thanks for completing this one shot. It’s pretty cute!

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