Yume Nanka Ja Nakute


Yume Nanka ja Nakute
Title: Yume Nanka Ja Nakute
Creator: Yamanaka Riko
Length: One-Shot
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

One day, Ai had a dream of kissing her classmate, Mitani. But isn’t Mitani a guys who’s famous from being anti-social and scary?!


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thx for sharing

awwww…. sooooo sweeet and soooo short… but sooooo cute…

I read this a while ago on MangaFox and loved it. I really wanted to read it again, but these past few days I’ve been going crazy trying to remember the name lol. Imagine my joy when I finally found it~ yay, I’m so happy, thanks Aerandria, you guys are awesome, you really made my day <3 <3

PS on MF this story is #4 in a collection of oneshots, so I was wondering if you have any plans to scanlate the rest of the book? I look forward to all of your releases <3 Thank you for all your hard work 😀

thnx……….. for the upload
it was really cute….
you guys did a great job

LOVED IT! it was so cute.. haha Thank you so much!!!

Thank you for scanalating this one-shot! <3

You have the BEST comments in your credits. Great oneshot, btw. tyvm.

This reminds me of the Beauty and the Beast ^^
It’s very cute!
Thank you sooooo much :’D

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