Yume Nanka Ja Nakute


Yume Nanka ja Nakute
Title: Yume Nanka Ja Nakute
Creator: Yamanaka Riko
Length: One-Shot
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

One day, Ai had a dream of kissing her classmate, Mitani. But isn’t Mitani a guys who’s famous from being anti-social and scary?!


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Comments (38)

Sooo kawaii

😀 it was good!!! thanks

awwwww!!! this is sooo nice! thanks for the scanlation and upload!!!!!!

That was cute ^^
I also think the dialogue at the end was a bit choppy and weird, but it was good! :)

Err ok the ending was a little 😯 (the way the conversation played out) but I guess it was pretty good.

The storyline was to be expected and I got my little “squee” moment, for sure. :smile:

Oh em ef jee looks so cute!!

Will be back to leave another comment when done. ( 😎 )

What a nice one shot!! :smile:

this is such a cute oneshut i really love it

Thanks for the release. I love this oneshot very much. Keep up the great work.

oneshots are so cute…
thank you for the release I haven’t read shoujo for a while XD

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