Title: Nananan (ナナナン)
English Title: Seven Men
Creator: Fujiwara Kiyo (藤原規代)
Length: One volume
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

A pure-hearted only child: Masaki. He is very methodical, punctual and can do any kind of housework. But when his mother remarries, he becomes the youngest of seven brothers! The house quickly becomes like a lawless jungle and the youngest, Masaki, has to clean up after all his older brothers… And that’s only the start of an eventful new family life!


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  • Chapter 001 – Being Edited
  • Chapter 002 – Being Edited
  • Chapter 003 – Being Edited

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thanks so much for this! it looks pretty interesting~ <3 *showers AE with cookies*

I am so excited for this. <3

Please release soon! *Showers even more love*

I wanna read this soon i hope! <3 *showers Aerandria with lots of love*

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