Mind Game


Title: Mind Game
Creator: Shiina Ayumi
Length: 2 volumes
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

On top of being bad at studying, Misato – a grade 9 student – has bad luck with her love life as well. This is a story about this girl’s fresh first love.



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it’s a sweet, romantic manga.
thanks for the translation.
but since i cant download it on divshare…
would you please host chapter 7 n 8 in other host.
Beside, almost all file you host in mediafire are already invalid.
It said”he key you provided for file download was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on Mediafire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or Mediafire.”
Please upload them again.
I become currious about the end of this manga…

Thanks very much.
This project is very lovely.Thanks again.

SO lovely…
I always admire Shiina sensei’ s works!!
Thanks for the translation..

But could you mind upload chap 7 and 8 in another host free. I cant download it on Divshare :sad: ..
It would be great if you upload in Mediafire

woot! thanks for adding the link for chapter 6 and thanks again for the translation!

Thanks for translating this! It’s really cute.

I don’t normally have a problem with MediaFire, but the chapter 6 link doesn’t work for me…

I like this story a lot, but MediaFire hates me >_> could you possibly upload chapter 6 to Divshare too please? arigatou ^_^

thx so much, it’s really a cute story, kind of remind me Wataru yoshimizu’s work, even if I know it’s by Ayumi^^

i loved this manga ..^^
thanks alot for your works
wish you the best :)

Thanks you for your work and “gambate”

Hi there!

Thank you very much for Mind Game, it’s a really interesting manga! Thanks a lot for all the hard work to release this great manga =D

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