M.C. Law


M.C. Law
Title: M.C. Law
Creators: Asada Yuaki & Tsurugina Mai
Length: 3 volumes
Status: Complete
Genre: ,

“Cause trouble in Shibuya and I’ll hear everything.”

Chiryu Mamoru is the former Shibuya Gang King (Crime Boss). Now he’s protecting the streets of Shibuya as the youngest lawyer in history. With an ear piercing as his lawyer badge and law as his weapon, he works to destroy the nest of evil and protect the people. Introducing one lawyer’s all consuming fight against heresy!

“You can’t protect anything with VIOLENCE… that’s why I choose LAW!”



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Comments (40)

Honestly it felt unfinished :(

p.s. I found a parody on v01 ch4.1 p154 😀

Thanks! I was looking for something different to read.

wow… so many long comments.

dude, are you nuts? nyahahaha ^^
what’s with you? its only a “manga”…dont take it too seriously, just read it, enjoy it and relax! that’s all you have to do, you don’t have to make it so complicated ’cause its not…

Hi Rae – now that I read my comment I do feel I didnt make it all that clear. I was disappointed because of what I was expecting from this series. It didnt reach what I was expecting it which is why I felt the later half was not as good. I did say the series took off with an interesting start. It’s good they were focusing on the aspect of why he goes about deciding on taking a case, but dont you feel they should have elaborated on that?

What made Mamuro the man he is today? What makes him take on certain cases, why did he abandon violence to take up law, when law can be equally corrupt? How young is Mamuro? Why did he win nearly all of his cases, did he take home something important to learn even though he was confident to win from the start?

Mamuro looks like he’s seen a lot of the world at a very young age. I feel the manga would have been a lot more fulfilling had it provided an isight
on Mamuro itself. I think his past may have impacted the outcome of the trials. There was a clear lack of character development – something which always makes me feel is an important part in any story or plot. It’s just my opinion, why I feel the manga seems a bit incomplete :)

Dont mind me too much :) Thanks for shedding light on that extra… I kind of lost all connections the moment I saw the skeleton. Not too good with these kinds of things. Now I am even more disturbed…*shudders*

I have to disagree with VSky, the series is not Pheonix Wright. There’s no Objection!. This series was great, and the extra was riveting. It had a great point, and the ending of it was wonderful. Eating people to get rid of evidence, how crazy of an idea is that?

The series progressed to get more into how he goes about deciding on taking a case, which is a great aspect. Usually lawyers take the case, get paid, then leave it at that. I mean, sure every case is justified, but he doesn’t have to take them. Sorry for getting very analytical.


Thank you for your release. I am a bit disappointed with this series. It started out really well then got lost somewhere down the line. I think I might have had higher expectations – I was expecting courtroom drama and a battle of wits :(

Also, I am a bit miffed at the ending of the series… I would have liked to know more about Mamuro’s past, who the girl was for whom he became a lawyer, why he left his island. It seemed that the author was intending to make this more than 3 volumes given how good the initial chapters were, but lost interest halfway and ended it in a real bad manner. Sad to see this as I believed the manga had good potential.

The extra was just 😯 It didnt make any sense to me at all. In any case, congrats on completing another project! Looking forward to more… thank you for all your hard work with this series and the rest too :)

Hard to follow but really liked the series of releases (nice job *wink*) wow a WHOLE entire case. by the way i noticed the new layout, LOVE IT! it is so heart warming feeling. Keep up the good work!

omg u guys are wonderful
thanks you so so so much for all these updates
u guys really are amazing
everyone should bow down to u>_<

Thanks again for releaseing the great manga! You guys rock! 😀

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