Majo wa Nido Aegu


Majo wa Nido Aegu
Title: Majo wa Nido Aegu
Creator: Kitagawa Miyuki
Length: 3 chapters
Status: Ongoing
Genre: , ,

Summary coming soon!

Joint with StarryHeaven.


None as of yet

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uwah kitagawa miyuki-sensei, love it..thx a lot for picking it up ^o^
cant wait >v<

Can’t wait! :)

OMG!!! i cant wait to read this! i love kitagawa miyuki’s work, the art is soo cute and a little smutty :) hehe

Looks very interensting

thx Aerandria

waa… interesting…

pink haired girl and blue haired guy… reminds me of Shugo Chara… and I am also soo left behind with the episode updates! O.O


waa!! love kitagawa miyuki’s manga!! thanks

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