Kuusou Garou


Title: Kuusou Garou (空想画廊)
English Title: Art-Gallery Of Imagination
Creator: Minakami Kaori (水上カオリ)
Length: One volume
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

The spring when Minori passed her middle-school entrance exams, her granny called her to her atelier and drew a good-luck charm on Minori’s back to protect her. But then, her granny passed away without telling her from what she had to be protected from. She only said that when Minori enters high-school she must never ever enter the art-gallery at night. But now Minori is in the art-club. Will she be able to stay away from the Art Gallery as she promised?


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thanks :)

I actually really enjoyed this series! Nice taste guys.

XDDD Now I’m torn between “YaY! Thank you!” and “OMG, why did you make it sound so shoujo-ai-ish?” Anyway, thanks for the release! ^.^

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