Kurokami no Helga


Kurokami no Helga
Title: Kurokami no Helga (黒髪のヘルガ)
English Title: Helga of the Black Hair
Creator: Saku Yukizo (朔ユキ蔵)
Length: 1 volume
Status: Complete
Genre: , , , ,

The story is told as a collection of allegories based in a medieval fantasy setting, but aimed at mature audience. The main character is Helga, a girl who lives completely ostracized from her fellow-villagers, but she seems to enjoy it rather than suffer from it. The people in her life, whose stories we also get to explore, are her best friend Eda, the kind young mayor and two of his servants. And in the heart of the village and the story is the bell-tower which changes everything with its chime…


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I like this story soooo muchhh XD
my taste is change now. i’m tired with shoujo mangas these day that tell girl love’s story so i read josei and seinen manga much more.
can anyone tell me a manga with love hate (XD) like helga’s romance…..

I don’t know if it’s just me but this manga is pretty much mindf*cked on many levels (for me at least). This is what I love about psychological josei, the more you read and think about this seemingly simple story, the more it gets to you. Thank you very much for picking up and translating such awesome story. I hope to see more like these in the future <3

p.s: Aerandria is the only scanslation group I've been actively followed (and devoured all the series) for years now. Thank you again for the awesome work! <3

honestly I don’t get the main point of this story. other than depicting normal human nature(s) and some politics at play? started out like naruto, a single person hated by the whole village and only a few people care/dare to associate with him :p heheh….

Wow, I’m blown away by the plot of the story. So sad but yet has a very nice ending.
Thank you very much you guys!
I hope you’ll pick up more mangas such as this.
Love it! (^_^)

I like this kind of story ! Thanks for this ! ^^

thank you very much for all your work on this beautiful manga, I’m happy to read!!!

Thanks for this intrigueing series! I really enjoyed reading every page of “Kurokami no Helga”!

Hi! I would like to help out. Any project will do. I can’t translate though, but I’m not picky.

Sounds extremely promising. Thank you for deciding to scanlate it.

More josei!

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