Kuraku Naru Made Matenai


Kuraku Naru Made Matenai
Title: Kuraku Naru Made Matenai (暗くなるまで待てない)
Creator: Yoshihara Yuki (吉原由起)
Length: 1 volume
Status: Complete
Genre: , , ,

Kahoko is like a lovely princess who looks good carrying a parasol. However, she’s actually a half vampire who can’t handle horror movies! She longs for a love like that of normal humans, but whenever she gets into a good mood with her beloved Komaba-kun, fangs start to show… She’s in agony between her instinct and her reasoning….


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thank you very much for anoher Yuki Yohihara work

it was as if the drawings are drawn by another artist.>_<

I Love this mangaka’s artwork. And her stories always cracks me up. Thanks! ^^

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