Yoru wo Utau Kodomotachi


Yoru wo utau kodomotachi
Title: Yoru wo Utau Kodomotachi (夜を謳う子供たち)
Creator: Tsuzuki Setsuri (都筑せつり)
Length: 1 Volume
Status: Complete
Genre: , , , ,

“Those who meet the owner of the secret mansion never return to their world again…”

Students mysteriously disappear one after another from the campus, for which the rumors say that has a secret door hidden somewhere. This time the mising person is Kuniyuki’s best friend – Kashiwagi. Are the rumors really true? Kuniyuki is angry and has no idea what to do about his friend, when he meets a strange, but very pretty girl called Towa. She says she is the guardian of the “outcasts,” those wo were taken to the “mansion,” but what does that really mean..?!


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Comments (17)

Gosssh. Thank you for the project. You guys are always the best!♥

This was a great read =D One of the few that I really liked. Characters are interesting enough and the ending was sufficient. It’s a really big shame though that it’s only 3 volumes. 😥

This looks good! Thanks for your hard work!

thanks so much for this entire project!!

<33 I wish it had one more chapter or something T_T but nevertheless! Wonderful manga, thanks for sharing it ^-^

This one was a really nice manga…with a happy ending…
The drawings are pretty too, too bad there’s only 3 chapters!

the cover looks gorgeous! i’m so excited!

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