Kimi wo Omofu


Kimi wo Omofu
Title: Kimi wo Omofu
Creator: Shin Yui
Length: One-shot
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

A cute, short oneshot about a man and a cat.


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Comments (9)

I agree with your assessment: cute, but too short! I’d like to see more of a story arc!

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! Sooooooooooo cute!!!- Pam

i love all animals and this kitten so soooooo cute i wanna hug it^^ it seems like a good story

AWWWHHH the cat was ADORABLE <333
thanx for the upload 😀

0-o wow this oneshot shocked me…

This looks so cute! Thank you!

If you like cats/kittens/furry balls, you’ll like this one. Short and sweet!

Thank you!! 😛

Sweet! :3

This looks cute..

Thx guys for the hard work.. ^_^

*gonna read it now* 😛 😛

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