Ten Kara no Okurimono


Ten Kara no Okurimono
Title: Ten Kara no Okurimono (天からの贈り物)
Creator: Mizutani Ai
Length: 1 Volume
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

I couldn’t get my eyes away from the smile that you showed me for the first time. Without meaning to, I was drawn to you. But I can’t let you know about that feeling…


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I love it~! Thank you for your hard work 😀

I wanna help I wanna help I wanna help!!!!! Contact form isnt working… what should I do!? :S

The contact form should be working now~ ^_^

I already read this manga in Indonesian!! It’s really lovely how they get together.. But it’s very sad.. Love this manga <3

Looks nice :)

i love the cover! 😉

I’ve seen this manga in Malaysian version .Since I dont know Malaysian , I had to use software to translate into English . This story is quite sad .I think that its genre could also be targeted as Tragedy .Anyway , I’m really looking for the release .

I love the cover, nice colour

Looking forward to this release! 😛

ohhh intriguing…. :mrgreen:

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