Kami Sonata


Title: Kami Sonata
Creator: Ichinose Kaoru
Length: One-shot
Status: Complete
Genre: , , ,

A lonely ghost finds another deeply tortured soul with her love for the violin. Despite the years separating them, they both know the pain of being different which causes their bond to become stronger. But is there a happy ending for someone living and a ghost?


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Comments (16)

This story was so heartwarming and just gave me an all-around good feeling that I nearly wanted to cry. Thank you so much for scanslating it! <3

I started reading this and the story just clenched my heart tightly and didn’t let go. I really LOVED how this lovely story ends! I think it just shows their feelings for each other and for their music so well <3

Just came across this one-shot. I really loved it — the beyond-beautiful art, plot that resonated with me, as well as the message — really wonderful. Thank you!

I really loved this oneshot~ Such a beautiful story. ;__; Thank you so much for scanlating this!

Is this the same one as the one-shot in KuroLaLa? If it is, it is too, too beautiful. Thank you~

This is great and it made me cry. Thanks for scanlating this.

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