Kami Sonata


Title: Kami Sonata
Creator: Ichinose Kaoru
Length: One-shot
Status: Complete
Genre: , , ,

A lonely ghost finds another deeply tortured soul with her love for the violin. Despite the years separating them, they both know the pain of being different which causes their bond to become stronger. But is there a happy ending for someone living and a ghost?


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Comments (16)

I’ve got to say, I loved the plot. I wasn’t too fond of the characters, but I enjoy how they developed and where the story ended. Thanks a bunch.

Twist in time ftw! Thank you for this release!

Awesome release. Thank you <3

Ooh, you did it. Went and made me cry halfway through.
Thanks. :’)

Yes, you have to read it several times to understand what’s going on. 😛

Such a lovely (and oh so pretty!) oneshot- Thank You! I have to admit, I’m also a bit confused by the ending, but I’m glad it seems everything worked out! =)

beautiful… what a beautiful story… it was like a dream…

T_T I’m so confused by this one-shot…but thanks for the release!

Thanks for the release! It seems really interesting!

I only realized how complicated this one-shot is after I re-read it. XDD
Thanks to everyone else who worked on this! *group hug*

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