Kaizoku to Ningyo


Kaizoku to Ningyo
Title: Kaizoku to Ningyo (海賊と人魚)
Creator: Kiuchi Tatsuya (木内 たつや)
Length: 6 volumes
Status: Hiatus

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During the time when the world is full of barren lands and big ships sail out to the vast oceans, a very rare type of sub-human–mermaid–was born. Normally, they have white hair, but only in water does the color change. Among the aristocrats, they are traded for large sums of money. Hisui is a merman with scarlet hair, and he’s kept by a lord. However, as he’s stolen away by the pirate Ikuta and gains freedom, they start their journey together!


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  • Volume 05 Chapter 017 – Translated
  • Volume 05 Chapter 018 – Translated
  • Volume 05 Chapter 019 – Translated
  • Volume 06 Chapter 020 – Translated
  • Volume 06 Chapter 021 – Translated
  • Volume 06 Chapter 022 – Translated

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again, thank you so much for all the hard work you do to bring us this one (and others!)

thanks :)

On the website its written “translated” for chapter 16-22 does that mean your dont with than and you gonna upload them or does it mean you’ve gotten the raws and are currently translating them? Also when you say Haitus do you mean the manga it self is on a break? Sorry for the question spam..

Thank you sooooooooooo MUCH for these translations i really like this manga so you tranlating it it AWSOME. Id probalbly die of a heart attack if this was dropped

Hi! “Translated” means that I finished translating it, but the images are not edited, yet. And “hiatus” means that the manga is not finished, but the author is currently not drawing any more of it (but she might continue it, in the future). Hope that helped. ^^

Yes thank you :3

Hey, last time you told us that the chapters were translated, but the images were not edited. Now it’s over a year later and there are still no chapters… What’s the hold up?

I love this story
thank you for translating <3

Thanks so much for this series!! I eagerly await more!!
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

ohhh, thank you so much for bringing us this one. I love this series!

Cute series that make me wanna go “Nyaaah kawaii” every chapter. You brought me lots of emotions, thank you!

I love this serie!! Can I do anything for it to be updated faster? :]

I love this serie!!!!1 Thank you so much for your work!!

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