Jewel to Canary


Jewel to Canary
Title: Jewel to Canary
Creator: Akino Subaru
Length: One-Shot
Status: Complete
Genre: , ,

Two adorable little kids named Jewel and Canary show us the importance of saying “I’m sorry.”


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It was really cute, I loved it… Thanks again Aerandria :)

really cute ending :)

Oh my gosh, that was so cute! I’m so glad the two siblings get along. It reminds me of the relationship with my brother from a while ago. Anyway, thanks Aerandria, congrats on your 70th release and I hope you can continue! 😀


Oh…my gosh … that was just the cutest, sweetest story about siblings I have ever read. 😥 Beautiful oneshot and thank you so much for sharing this simple yet wonderful story with us. Had to give it a 5.

Very cute indeed!

Oh yeah and ~ CONGRATULATIONS !!~ on your 70th finshed release ^o^

Aww >.< looks cute, thanks aerandria ^^

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